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Top 3 Reasons Senior Living is a Great Choice

Let’s be honest: Making a decision about senior living right now raises new questions, and that is understandable. But moving to an independent or assisted living facility remains a safe and secure choice. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Seniors will benefit from enhanced safety measures and rigorous infectious disease protocols & procedures

Top quality assisted living communities have established rigorous safety measures that would be difficult to replicate at home.  Our new Sentry M1 Mobile UV Light Disinfecting Unit will eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in a given space. Residents are assessed daily for signs or symptoms of illness, and facilities adhere to strict cleaning procedures with CDC-recommended, hospital-grade disinfectants. Staff members are screened upon entry to the building and undergo regular training to ensure they are following the latest safety precautions and protocols.

  1. Seniors receive all of their essential needs, without worrisome interaction with the public.

Meals are prepared, living space cleaned, laundry done, and errands are run by trained and screened staff members. No trips to the crowded grocery store or pharmacy are needed, and no needless exposure to the general public or multiple care/service providers.

  1. Seniors receive truly dependable care 24/7.

If a family caregiver becomes ill or incapacitated, families are left scrambling to find care or may need to step in themselves, which can often present extreme difficulties. At a senior living community, residents always have professional, trained, trusted care available.

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us the importance of choosing a senior community with the highest standards of safety and precaution, like Mary Ann Morse at Heritage in Framingham. We are again accepting new residents and looking forward to safely welcoming you or your loved ones!

Please call us today:  508-665-5300 or click to fill out our web form. We’d be happy to give you a virtual tour, provide a copy of our Infectious Disease Protocols & Procedures, or talk to you about our friendly, welcoming community!

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