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Long-Term Care Accommodations & Programs


The decision to move to a long-term care center is a difficult and emotional one for residents and their families. It means leaving familiar settings, friends, and sometimes a home of many years. The staff at Mary Ann Morse is here to support the resident and their family throughout the entire decision-making process. You can have peace of mind knowing that nonprofit Mary Ann Morse Healthcare has a legacy of compassionate, patient-centered care for over 25 years in the MetroWest area.

The goal of all long-term skilled nursing care is to support the resident’s health and well-being, and to help patients achieve their highest possible functional capacity. A typical day can include rehabilitation or therapy sessions centered on their specific needs. In between sessions, residents have free time to participate in activities, to rest, and visit with other residents and family members.

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We offer stimulating, relevant activities for residents and their families that entertain, encourage socialization and fight boredom, loneliness, and depression. Opportunities to engage, learn, and socialize can be as important to good health as medical and therapeutic care. Upon each long-term care resident’s admission, the activities staff interviews the resident and their families to create a profile. Live entertainment, games, puzzles, reading materials, CDs, DVDs, computer time, arts, crafts, or hobbies are made available and we actively encourage our residents to participate.


Provided by Fresenius Kidney Care

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing residents with the best care and quality of life, Mary Ann Morse Healthcare Center has joined forces with Fresenius Kidney Care to deliver on-site dialysis. This partnership ensures that residents have access to a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about delivering personalized, comprehensive care, prioritizing comfort and peace of mind.

Our dialysis care team is dedicated to the meticulous administration of treatments and to attentively listening to each patient’s requirements. Opting for on-site dialysis means residents significantly reduce time spent commuting to and from treatments, giving them more time for themselves – time to rehabilitate and visit with friends and family. Residents also have greater flexibility creating a treatment schedule that aligns with their specific needs.


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