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Hospice Care


Dignity, respect and compassion during end of life care are of paramount importance to the patient and their family. At Mary Ann Morse Healthcare, our hospice care philosophy focuses on relief of pain and distress for the patient, and support for the family. In addition to attending to the spiritual and emotional needs of the patient and their family, we provide palliative care for the patient to relieve pain and discomfort to the greatest extent possible. Supporting and comforting residents and families during difficult end-of-life and transitional moments is part of our commitment to dignity, respect and compassion.

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As a non-profit organization founded on a firm foundation of community and personal commitment, Mary Ann Morse Healthcare has an established tradition of spiritual and emotional support for residents, families, and our staff. In addition to offering regularly scheduled services, visits from pastors, chaplains, rabbis, and other spiritual leaders can be requested at any time. Pastoral care may not always depend upon a designated spiritual counselor, but it can be reflected in the befriending and simple compassion shown by our staff toward residents and their families. Pastoral care is not an “add-on” at Mary Ann Morse Healthcare, it is something we all deeply believe in..

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