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Harmony Program | Mary Ann Morse at Heritage Assisted Living

Mary Ann Morse at Heritage is proud to offer Harmony, a premier, nonprofit, residential psychiatric program catering to adults with major mental health conditions. It offers a distinct alternative to traditional assisted living programs and serves as a transitional step down from psychiatric hospitalization. Located in Framingham, MA, Harmony provides a supportive, non-institutional environment with a focus on psycho-social support.

Program Features

  • Various apartment sizes available (studio to 2-bedroom) with kitchenettes
  • Option to engage with Harmony residents only or with broader assisted living community and outside groups
  • Restaurant-style dining available, offering a comfortable setting while encouraging socialization
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  • Access to a variety of talk therapists
  • Psychiatry services through psychiatrists affiliated with McLean Hospital
  • Dedicated Program Director facilitating communication between residents, families, psychiatrists, and social workers
  • Integrated Behavioral Wellness Approach focusing on mind, body, community, and self-management skills
  • Physician available for house calls
  • Emphasis on mental wellness strategies such as meditation and self-management skills
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  • Residents have the flexibility to transition between Harmony and Classic assisted living settings based on their confidence and skill development
  • Support provided for transitions back home or to traditional assisted living settings
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  • Enhanced Living Spaces – Recently renovated apartments featuring modern amenities and customizable furnishings to promote individuality and comfort
  • Home-Like Common Areas – Welcoming and spacious communal areas encouraging social interaction and integration within and beyond the Harmony setting
  • Physical & Social Activities – Diverse range of engaging activities including live performances, pet therapy, and educational lectures promoting holistic well-being
  • Beautiful Grounds & Neighborhood – Access to outdoor living spaces, gardens, and nearby amenities such as the Christa McAuliffe Library and CVS store
  • Supportive Care Team – Experienced professionals providing clinical support, active listening, and wellness groups to help foster healing and independence
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  • Emphasizes the influence of social factors on mental health and the importance of fostering acceptance and trust within a supportive community
  • Focuses on symptom improvement, social skill development, and increasing confidence for greater independence
  • Individualized strategies and transition plans tailored to each resident’s unique needs and goals

Our Harmony community offers a comprehensive and compassionate approach to supporting individuals with mental health conditions, fostering healing, independence, and a sense of community.

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Nonprofit Mary Ann Morse Healthcare Corp. is dedicated to delivering quality, affordable senior living and healthcare services in the MetroWest area – and has been for over three decades. Our mission is to support aging adults and their families by providing a comprehensive continuum of senior living, healthcare, and home care options. Our services encompass assisted living at Mary Ann Morse at Heritage, short-term inpatient & outpatient rehab as well as long-term care at Mary Ann Morse Healthcare Center, and Medicare-certified home health services and private pay personal care by Mary Ann Morse Home Care. We are deeply committed to helping seniors live their best lives and embrace healthy aging, no matter where they are on life’s journey. www.maryannmorse.org

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