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Finding Peace in the Connected Senior Care of the Mary Ann Morse Continuum

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Ellen & Andy, 2014

Ellen and Andy have always been an exceptional couple, each with a remarkable dedication to healthcare. Ellen, with her extensive background in nursing and health care leadership, and Andy, a distinguished physician, educator, and researcher, had always faced life’s ups and downs with grace and resilience together.

But when Andy received a diagnosis of dementia, their world was turned upside down. Ellen was thrust into the role of primary caregiver, pouring her heart and soul into supporting Andy at home.

“It was a natural instinct to want to shield Andy and provide him with all the care he needed,” Ellen admits. Yet, as time passed, she realized that despite her desire to personally care for her husband, the task was becoming increasingly demanding.

Guidance Through Transition

It was during this challenging period that Ellen sought guidance from LifeCare Advocates, a local, independent Aging Life Care Management practice, and found a supportive ally in Anna Pollard, LifeCare Manager.

“Anna was so helpful. She listened to me and quickly learned who I was and what was most important to me about caring for my husband. She helped me navigate the challenges I was about to face.”

After exploring various options, Ellen was drawn to Mary Ann Morse at Heritage for several reasons. Chief among them was its comprehensive continuum of services, its nonprofit status, and its longstanding reputation for exceptional care. “I appreciated their mission-driven approach, prioritizing the care and well-being of residents and their families,” says Ellen.

She fondly recalls the warm, supportive environment provided by the Heritage staff from the moment she and Andy arrived on move-in day: “I’ll never forget one of the aides reassuring me, ‘Ellen, go home, he will be fine.’ And he was. It gave me the peace of mind I so desperately needed.”

Shortly after, Andy suffered a bout with an acute illness. Ellen turned to Mary Ann Morse Home Care for skilled nursing help, including periodic physical and occupational therapy. “Andy was experiencing some issues with balance,” she explains. “Home Care stepped right in with a care plan and the expertise Andy needed. I didn’t have to search for an agency or interview candidates.”

Ensuring Continuity of Care

As Andy’s health evolved further, Ellen found solace in the seamless transition provided by Mary Ann Morse. Moving Andy to the memory care program at Mary Ann Morse Healthcare Center in Natick was made easier by the continuity of care and support offered by Mary Ann Morse’s connected approach.

“I was not left on my own to figure out the next move; where to look, how to apply, what to ask. The staff made all of the connections for me. They made sure I knew what had to be done every step of the way. I know now, I would have been completely lost if left on my own.”

Throughout this journey, Ellen found comfort in knowing she and Andy were not alone, supported by the compassionate care of the Mary Ann Morse continuum and the unwavering commitment behind it.

“No one ever plans for something like this,” Ellen reflects. “It’s incredibly vital to find professionals who can guide you in what’s best for you and your loved one. Having that burden lifted from my shoulders is truly a godsend.”

Ellens Story 05.19.24

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