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Coronavirus Update, Nursing Home Boot Camp, Visitation and More

August 27, 2020 – We are pleased to announce that Mary Ann Morse Healthcare Center has remained COVID-free for 3 months now.

Infection Control

At Mary Ann Morse Healthcare Center, there is nothing more important than the health and safety of our residents. Mary Ann Morse will be participating in the National Nursing Home COVID-19 Safety Program which includes a 16-week Boot Camp of 90-minute training sessions. This is followed by 36-week office hour-program, where we will be able to hear from our colleagues and get questions answered.

COVID Testing

We continue to monitor, review and implement guidance from the Department of Public Health. Mary Ann Morse completed its second cycle of the surveillance testing which requires us to test 30% of the negative staff. For this cycle, we have tested a total of 40 staff, all of which came back negative. The third cycle of surveillance testing begins today.

Additionally, for the last three weeks we have been utilizing a new laboratory vendor, The Broad Institute, which allows us to get our results back in a timely manner.


As you all might imagine, the visits continue to be very popular and are enjoyed by all! A note related to visits: if your loved one is here for short-term rehabilitation, outdoor visits are allowed, however, as with our long-term care patients, the clinical staff makes the determination if the patient is clinically able to safely participate in an outdoor visit.

Remember there is always the opportunity to schedule a FaceTime visit with your loved one. Please call us to schedule one of those.


The hairdresser has been able to provide hair washing and cutting services to many of our residents. If your loved one hasn’t had the chance and you would like them to receive this service, please call to have this scheduled.

As always if there is anything that we can do to support you, our families, during this time, please give us a call: 508-433-4400.


Carol Kapolka, Executive Director

Mary Ann Morse Healthcare Center

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